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We caught up with Dallas-based fashion blogger Cathy Williamson of "The Middle Page". Hear about Cathy's journey as an influential fashion blogger and her advice for discovering your signature style.

"If you look at the age 50 now, it's different than my mom's 50. We are out and about. We are empowered. We are living life."

Tell us about your journey with your blog.

I started my blog about four years ago. I didn't feel like there were enough women over the age of 45 that were blogging, so I wanted to show women that even though you are at a certain age, you can still look great! Then two months into the whole thing, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was going to stop [blogging], but my daughter encouraged me not to give it up. It was trying at times, but I kept going. I wanted to prove the point that even though I was going through a really rough patch, I could keep doing what I love. I wanted to show women that even in the hard times, you can still get up, live your life, and try to do your best. Now, here I am and just loving doing it.

What's your favorite thing about being a fashion blogger?

I love fashion and always have loved fashion, but what's been really great and probably the best thing that has come from my blog is that I have had women write in to me who are fighting similar battles themselves. I feel like I am here for a reason and that I am here to help other women who are going through that.

You mentioned that your blog was originally started to inspire women over 45. What is your message to that age group?

If you look at the age 50 now, it's different than my mom's 50. Women are working more and they're not in the home like they used to be. We are out and about. We are empowered. We are living life. I think there's a stigma of dressing like a grandmother. I am a grandmother, but I still take some risk in what I wear.

What's your best style secret?

I try to tell my readers to just relax about it, don't think so hard. It's not rocket science; just wear what you feel comfortable in. If it's a skirt, wear a skirt, if it's a dress, wear a dress, if it's jeans every day, wear jeans every day.