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Introducing Beth Djalali of "Style at a Certain Age", a fashion blogger in Athens, GA who loves to inspire women "of a certain age". Get her take on the importance of fashion and her advice for keeping a timeless look from season to season.

"When a woman feels good about what she is wearing, she steps out the door with confidence."

Tell us about your blog.

I have nicknamed myself "the accidental blogger" because I didn't get into this space specifically to blog. I wrote a book several years ago and got an agent in New York. One of the things he impressed on me was the importance of a social media presence. After that, I had so many people commenting on my wardrobe and how I style it that at some point the light bulb went on. I love clothes, I love putting outfits together, and the twenty-somethings were blogging, so why couldn't I? I was 55 at the time, so guess what? The next day, we posted our first picture. For the past three years, it's been me trying to keep up with the blog, and I can't tell you the most amazing things have happened in my life.

Why do you think style is important?

I am a firm believer that when a woman feels good about what she is wearing, she steps out the door with confidence. I think it is so important to be able to project that. I think a lot of time clothes are overlooked. I mean you have to get dressed anyway, right? So you might as well put your best foot forward.

What's the most important fashion advice you give your readers?

In my mother's generation, there were all these dos and don'ts when it came to dressing, and those are fading very quickly, which is nice. I just really like to show my readers how I would style [a look], so they can take that idea and turn it into what's going to make them look fabulous. That has been a very important component to my blog. Style is personal, and you should tweak it to what works for you.

Do you have any tips for shopping?

I have a "rule of three". Whenever I am shopping and I am looking at an item, I always try to remember if I have three things at home that I can pair it with. If so, I am totally onboard with buying it. I also look for quality items that are going to stand the test of time. I usually grab "fast fashion" for trendy items but for more timeless pieces. I like a really well-made garment.