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Why Misook Makes a Great Gift

January 06, 2023

Despite being a season geared towards reflection and relaxation, the holiday season is still full of hustle and bustle and things to check off the to-do list. Hang the lights, pick out and decorate a tree, send the cards, buy the wine, bake the cookies, and wrap the gifts. Among all that hustle and bustle, it can be hard to find the time to shop for everyone on your list. While it might be tempting to simply send the tried and true gift card, there is nothing quite like seeing their eyes light up when the recipient opens your gift. We are here to help you brainstorm ideas for even the pickiest people on your shopping list.

Here at Misook, there are three factors that make for a great gift in our book. For the most wow-factor and biggest impact, the ultimate gift must be sustainable, durable, and timeless.

Feel Good About Purchasing a Sustainable Gift 

Instead of picking out something quick and cheap from a fast fashion line or a larger bog box company, at Misook, we think it’s more meaningful when gifts are purchased with intention. Purchasing from a small business like ours not only supports independent business owners, but when you purchase from Misook, it also helps support the environment. We know that caring for the planet is now more important than ever and as such, we are committed to sustainable production practices.

We employ Bluesign® certified dyeing techniques which means we use cleaner, safer dyes and use less water and energy than traditional dyeing methods. This all helps ensure that our fabrics are safe for the workers, customers, and environment. We even have an entire line of products that are made from recycled yarns! 

During the holiday season, consumption of products is at an all time high and we can all work together to make choices that support a healthier planet.

Durability Matters

It’s important that we all make mindful choices this holiday season to cut down on the amount of gifts that quickly end up in the landfill. Nothing is worse than being gifted a lovely sweater or shawl only to have it fall apart on you after a couple wears. When you give a Misook piece, you can rest assured that the recipient of your gift will be able to cherish their piece for decades to come. This is because our garments are made to last. We meticulously craft each of our garments to ensure they are made to be loved and stand the test of time.

In addition to this, we also use a fully fashioned knitting process that cuts down on wasted fabric and creates a more durable garment. In this process, each pattern piece of a garment is knit individually in its precise shape, leaving little to no wasted leftover materials and results in beautifully fit pieces with finished edges that won't fray, stretch, or warp over time.

Timeless Gifts Are Remembered Season After Season

We’ve all been given that one itchy, boxy, ugly Christmas sweater. No one likes them, no one wants to wear them. Instead of giving someone a novelty gift that they can only wear one day out of the year, give them a classy, chic gift that they can wait to put on. Our timeless designs and flattering silhouettes will ensure the recipient of your gift thinks of you fondly when they reach for their garment year after year.

We Want to Hear From You – What’s on Your Wishlist This Year?

Exchanging gifts certainly isn’t the only thing that makes for a meaningful holiday season, but it sure does feel good to show your loved ones you care. It also feels good to receive gifts too! Especially when they’re as comfortable, cozy, and chic as gifts that come from Misook! Feel free to send this blog to a loved one to drop a not-so-subtle hint. Be sure to also tell us what’s on your wishlist this year! We’d love to hear from you and learn what products you’re looking forward to wearing or giving this holiday season. If you have any thoughts or questions, reach out and contact us.